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Title: May 15-17 Hyperfest Off road events.
Post by: R3 on October 22, 2019, 07:29:21 AM
 When to this event last year and worked the Off road events section. It was a great time and lots of cool stuff gongon. The racing  of all kinds was fantastic and the trail rides great fun.

Camping is allowed,
Event pass is required and the  facility is amazing. A motorheads paradise.


Title: Re: May 15-17 Hyperfest Off road events.
Post by: R3 on November 12, 2019, 03:55:10 PM
Just back from a scouting trip to Virginia International Raceway to begin to iron out details  fro this coming years Hyperfest.  Working with the Team  from Chaos to run the Off road side of the event this year.  Last year  the local Rover group asked  a few of us to help lead  trail rides and  do recovery ops.  In short order we put some organization to the event and  made it a huge success for the Rover group and VIR. This year  Chaos Off Road  has been asked to run the event on the off road side.

Some things I know are in the works are:

- Ultra4 Cars in exhibition and a 5 mile race course...
- Stadium  Trucks ( Robby Gordon and company) you have seen these on social media  basic  Trophy Truck running road course events  and getting big air  at various parts of the closed race course.... Nothing like 900+ HP  going by  20ft off the ground to get your blood pumping... Oh yeah they are pretty quick too 100+ mph.
- Rally cars a ride along event and there is a good chance that we can runt he rally course with Jeeps too.
- Trail rides, the trails are very challenging as they are right next to the river and  could be rather soupy. If you like mud, yup this one is for you.  There will be high speed  sections as well as  some steep hill climbs and a rather challenging  side hill trail....
- Obstacle courses to test your skills and Jeeps on.

In addition to the Off road  stuff, there is a bunch of race track with all kinds of cool cars  running high speeds and  drifting  sideways around a 1 mile  road course.
Camping is allowed  on VIR and some facilities are available.  There is also a hotel track side, I am told that it fills up rather quickly starting round January.