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Author Topic: 9mm vs 45s Lets Hear Some Opinions  (Read 1446 times)
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I love this debate, especially since it hasn't devolved yet.  Let's talk civilian concealed carry for a moment, and move on from there.

EveryDay Carry pistols I've toted in this range, starting with most recent:

Colt New Agent .45ACP.  Cap 8 rounds (7 in the Wilson mag, 1 chambered), plus an extra mag or two depending on daily config.  Love the pistol, hate the trench sight.  The fact I can throw it in an inside pocket sticky holster and not worry about hanging on the sights is pretty nice, but the range I'd trust it at is pretty much belly gun range.  I'm a couple hundred rounds into practicing with it, and am more or less ready to compensate for lack of sights.  Crisp, clean, 1911-style action in a .45ACP Subcompact... you'd think it'd be a wristbreaker but to be honest, it's smooth as butter and target acquisition time is less than you might expect.  Real point and shoot with heavy loads and ready out of the box for +P ammo.  I like it a lot!

Sig Sauer P938, 9mm.  Cap 8 rounds, plus a mag or two or three.  Great sights on this thing but those also made it snag all the time when pulling from pocket holster.  Accurate at 25 yards, and guaranteed to go bang when you pull the trigger, duty cycle of ~20k rounds before needing rebuilt, and even then will probably just be springs and other small/light parts.  Certainly lighter than the New Agent by a significant amount, was still rock-steady as far as recoil management and target acquisition.  Biggest complaint was the field strip and cleaning... painful to say the least.  Getting it back together took a combination of knowing how to do it and getting lucky when blindly reinserting the takedown pin.

Sig Sauer P239, 9mm.  Cap 9 rounds, plus a mag.  Got mine as a retired service sidearm and it needed some love to stay on-target.  I wasn't crazy about the size and weight, but it had the kick you'd expect from a much smaller caliber.  Discontinued EDC status due to size.

Where we have real fun is ammo.  On the .45acp front, I've been steady feeding the New Agent a diet of reloaded +P and it's eaten everything I've thrown in it.  Gonna have some fun with it at an outdoor range later this year when I test out the Mercury Fulminate filled rounds I wrangled up.  The 9's have always plinked ball ammo and had a daily carry diet of self-defense rounds - Federal HST and G2 RIPs.  Recently came across a box of black talons that were packed away some years ago, may mix them in if I'm ever desperate to keep it fed.

If I could get my hands on one without a ridiculous markup, I'd consider going for a Colt New Agent 9mm to pair up with the .45.  Sameish weight (actually a hair heavier due to shared barrel design), with capacity for 9+1 in a subcompact would be pretty sweet, but I'm not going for broke just to say I've got one of each.  It'd give me a common platform for testing ease/accuracy in 45 and 9mm calibers, and of course I'd have to go out and pick up hard parts to keep them both running steady with comparable action...



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