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September 19, 2017, 08:21:44 AM

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Author Topic: Distributor wobble and destruction?  (Read 60 times)
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Ugh... Got another one.  This one is on the other TJ with the 2.5l engine.  History with this one though.  Engine replaced with a reman 2.5 years or so ago.  Distributor EXPLODED about a year after that.  Distributor was replaced.  Noticed a while back oil pressure was fluctuating and it seemed like there was oil leaking from where the distributor mounts to the engine.  So I haven't driven it much since...just enough to keep the battery charged.  Didn't have time to deal with it so took it to a shop to get the seal checked/replaced.  They found the seal was destroyed and the distributor damaged.  Replaced both.  Oil pressure seemed stable for a few weeks.  Then started going wonky again.

Fast forward to this weekend.  Had a few minutes to check so I popped the hood, fired it up, and went around to check the distributor to see if it's squirting oil...  Drip drip... and the entire distributor seems to be...wobbling.  This is a twice REPLACED distributor.  Guessing the shaft and gear the distributor sits on wobbles and this causes the distributor to wobble which both destroys the gasket and damages the guts of the distributor.

Any ideas?  Thoughts? 


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Just I thought - I'm no pro but I have owned more than 65 cars.

If you've had 2 distributers start to wobble, and you have found some funky oil pressure, perhaps there's something wrong with your cam shaft.  Both the distributer and the oil pump run off of gears on the cam shaft (on most vehicles).  If the cam was funky, perhaps that is causing failures in both pieces.

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