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May 25, 2018, 12:22:53 AM

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Author Topic: Off-Camber Crawlers Annual 101-201 Off-Road Classes July 14-15 2018  (Read 240 times)
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OCC's 101/201 Class - July 14-15 2018
 Welcome All makes and models welcome  Welcome
Who: Open to the public. All interested in 4x4's; new, old, experienced, beginner. (Must sign-up in advance)
What: Organized off-road skills classes and behind the wheel training (in your vehicle)
When: July 14th & 15th, Driver's Meeting 9:00am
Where: The Cove Campground near Gore, VA
Space is Limited, Sign up today!

Two class offerings:
101 Intro to Off-Roading - Getting Ready for the Trail, Know Your Vehicle, and Negotiate Terrain
201 Intermediate Skills - Field Vehicle Repair & Recovery and Intermediate Driving Skills
* Note: Both classes will start Saturday morning until around lunch, and then each class will head out on the trail for further instruction. Sunday will be only on the trail instruction.

Topics Covered:
Getting to Know Your 4WD Vehicle
What to Bring; tools, gear and parts
Wheeling basics, vehicle and its systems (4wd drive train components, traction devices, clearance, angles, flex/droop, etc.)
Wheeling basics, the terrain and driving (Mud, water, logs, rocks, trails, hills, off-camber, driving techniques, negotiating obstacles)
Trail Repairs (Drive-line removal/install, U-joint replacement, axle pull, setting a bead, temporary trail repairs, etc.)
Spotting and Guiding
Introduction to Recovery
Advanced recovery, snatch-block, multiple winches, etc.
Driving Exercise: Drive various terrain, obstacle negotiation, spotting, winching, etc.

OCC does not charge for the classes, but The Cove Campgrounds collects fees for land use and camping.

How to Sign up?


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This is a great course.  No matter what your experience level you will learn alot from this.  Sign up.



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Tried to sign up to the mailing list which was a requirement. Haven't heard back.


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