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Author Topic: JK-TJ Soft Top Bow Bolts  (Read 292 times)
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I have purchased several of soft tops used and the bow screws always seem to be missing. I have not tried to buy them at the stealership or online. Since they have the shoulder on them they are specific and not able to be had just any where. Well, I found a way to get a suitable replacement at any Lowes.

So for anyone wondering on the screw size, it is a #10 - 24 TPI, 3/4" long. The special part is there is roughly a 1/4" x 5/16" shoulder on the OEM bolts.

Here's what I did:

I purchased Hillman, Stainless truss machine screws 10-24 X 3/4" (they come in a bag of 3 for around $1.58) I also purchased Hillman Nylon Spacers 1/4" x .140 x 1/4" (they come in a bag of 2 for around $.50)

The fit is tight so I put the spacers in my pliers and used a cordless driver to screw them into the spacers. The spacers are a little too short so do not bottom them to the head of the bolt, leave 2-3 threads, this will center the spacer in the bow tips and be perfect when you put them on to the soft top brackets. Now you have stainless hardware that will not rust and there is not metal to metal contact on the screw to bracket.

I will post pics later, I still need to upload them.


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