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December 08, 2019, 07:44:53 AM

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Author Topic: New Va. lighting inspection rules  (Read 7505 times)
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« Reply #30 on: July 23, 2019, 11:51:11 AM »

If a mandatory light is removed that won't mean it would pass just because you removed everything for it.  The 3rd brake light has been mandatory since it came out by the OEM in Virginia (if it was equipped) since 1986 unless it was not added by the manufacturer.  My 1988 S10 did not have one and was always an argument during inspection of which I would have to explain each year and pass.  The next year 1989, they added a 3rd brake light with a cargo light attached on the roofline above the rear window - mine was never even stamped for it. There is no "sudden" about this, you have just been getting lucky for many years with an inspector who was perhaps lax about it (or uninformed).

Side markers were pretty much on every passenger vehicle after 1970 and required by Virginia also.

Virginia's logic has always been ironically simple - if it came on it - you have to have it to pass inspection.  It's when we start to get away from stock OEM designs the trouble and interpretation begins.  Joe Q Public is usually the loser in the argument.


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« Reply #31 on: July 24, 2019, 07:31:07 AM »

My son just went to two different places today to get my JK inspected.  He was turned away from both because the bumper-mounted LEDs weren't covered.
These are the same lights I've had mounted and uncovered since 2015 (or earlier) without issue at previous inspections. They are clear LEDs.
The sad part is the last place he went was the same location that did the inspection last year, without any issue with the lights. This was the Shell in Gateway Center, Gainesville.

I called the place and spoke with the Inspector, he was not aware of the Bulletin or the new regulations.  When I read the text verbatim he told me "That's not how I understand it."  He then fell back on the lights being SAE approved.  I asked if he even looked at the lights and he said no.  So how did he know if they are SAE approved or not? (they are)

I looked at the Oct 18 Manual (newest version), it doesn't appear the language has changed from what is posted above.

I'm pissed now, and putting together an email for the State Trooper...

I might as well get covers to slap on there once a year... It is a shame a few ignorant inspectors give the rest a bad name.

I received the following from the state trooper assigned to this case:

"Based on the information you provided, one or both stations may have violated our procedures, if what they did essentially is turn you away or refuse to inspect it.  That Class I offense results in verbal counseling (recorded in their file)  but I agree it sounds like they are also unclear on the "new" (year old) policy change ref lights.  I will address that with all of them as well.  If they had incorrectly applied Section 160 and rejected the vehicle in error, It would also result in a Class I offense if reported.

We record everything regardless of the disposition of the complaint, and offenses are cumulative, so that if they repeatedly violate policy, each time the corrective action is more severe."


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