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September 19, 2019, 08:07:17 AM

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Author Topic: Altered my back seat frame to serve as a flip up storage rack  (Read 1984 times)
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Ta Tonka
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Like many JK 2-door owners, I pulled my backseat out and stuck it in my garage soon after buying it. I had always thought that it might prove to be useful as a storage unit and finally took the time to do it this weekend. It was easier than I would have guessed.
I set the following goals:
1. I wanted to be able to use it as storage while ...
2. maintaining the ability to flip it up and out of the way so that my dog could make use of the back when I take her for rides.
3. I wanted to be able to maintain the ability to fully reclined the front seat in order to facilitate car naps… Which I take all the time.
4. I wanted to be able to pull the whole rig back out whenever I wanted to put a complete backseat back in (on the off chance that I actually need it for passengers someday).
5. In the down position I wanted to still be able to access the storage well at the back of the bed.

So I pulled off all of the upholstery and padding, painted the framework black, and made some minor adjustments to the seat cable release so the it would stay locked down when the top portion is folded forward. I. picked up some cases from HFT that fit surprisingly well. These cases came with foam inserts that can be customized to hold tools etc which took care of my worry about things sliding around inside when I flip the unit up.
The rolling husky box was something that I already had. I’ll work on finding a way to easily attach and detach that later. The plastic shelf that I mounted on top of the unit came from a cheap 4 shelf storage rack that I found at Lowe’s. Here are pics of the results.

So... ticked all of the boxes and I’m pretty happy with it. Total cost of the project was about $130 ( the storage cases at  $59 each + a can of spray paint)

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