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Author Topic: Put the Hardtop on last weekend - Lessons Learned (long post)  (Read 1739 times)
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« on: November 10, 2010, 09:14:01 AM »

Hard Top Lessons Learned:

My JK came with the dual top option, and I had stored the top in my back yard wrapped in two tarps tied down around it. It was stored on end, glass side down with one of the tops covering the bottom and pulled up, and the other tarp covering the top pulled down and the rope tied around the middle to keep it tight.

Two Lessons I learned.

First a basic one I should have forseen. The window glass  and bottom of the top have minor scratches in them. Next time I need either store it glass side up, or do a better job protecting the bottom.

Second, some critter made it a home Sad I'm guessing a chipmunk, we have tons of those around.

It climbed up the bottom tarp and down between the top tarp to the inside and made a nest.

The white inside of the hard top was completely covered in poop and urine.

And it had decided that the wiring for the window heating element and rear wiper would make a good chew toy.
 The poop was not the nice rabbit pellet brush it off kind, it was the stubborn poop stain on white, and urine stain on the metal heating element type.

So I used a very large amount of water and bleach/soft scrub and coarse dish scrubbers to clean the poop stained interior. And after about an hour of scrubbing it is back to normal.

I plan on using electrical tape to cover the exposed wiring.

I have not reconnected the electrical to the top yet, I want to give it a long time to dry out. I hope I did not ruin the wiper motor/heating element with all the water I had to use to clean off the stains.

So the lesson learned here, if I am going to cover it, make it air tight next time.

This long post was mostly a rant and maybe save someone from my dumb mistakes, and also a post on the new board to test things out.

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That stinks and sorry for your luck.   

I've not had my top off for a long period of time, and when I did have it off for a few days or for a week, I kept it outside and on top of 2x4s and uncovered.   

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