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Author Topic: Hi-Tech Auto Giveaway - Warn Lights (November 2010)  (Read 2310 times)
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Quote from: Jeep Freak
So, as many of you know, i was the lucky winner of the Warn off road lights given away by High Tech.  the lights came with free install, so after getting in touch with Bobby over at High Tech, we arranged for me to come in last saturday morning.  Brad was the installer. 

what the front of my Jeep looked like before the install

here's a look at what was in the kit.  there wasn't much in the box compared to when i installed the IPF lights.  these lights have a wireless controller, which also cuts down on the wiring.

checking for power in the fuse block.

Brad started by installing the control box using an existing bolt used for the stock jack which i had reused to secure my ARB compressor. 

after that, it was into the fuse block for power.  he used an existing ground down to the block, but i unfortunately don't have a picture of that.

a look at the fuse block with the relay, fuse, and power hooked up.

fuse block all buttoned up with the clean install

i decided i wanted to mount the lights on the top hoop and angle them out to throw light off the sides of the trail for a wider field of view at night.  here are the lights after Brad had trimmed the wires up for a cleaner install.  he ended up not using the part of the harness provided that would string between the lights if they were further apart.  He did a lot of trimming and splicing to get the perfect fit. 

all the connections were shrink wrapped

a look at the lights still in the process of having the wiring run.

Brad wrapped all the wire and secured it with zip ties down the hoop tube.  i think the install came out perfect.

light test at the shop

at home in the daylight

all lit up at night

in the process of chasing wires and connections, Brad discovered the reason my lockers weren't working is because the power wire to the switch had come loose, so he fixed that and cleaned the wiring up under the dash.

my Jeep on the lift for High Tech's complimentary once over.  we found the trans fluid to be low (disappointing considering i just had the seal replaced and the fluid should have been topped off), i need a new tie rod end on the drag link, and we discussed how to fix a problem with the steering contacting the sway bar links where they connect to the spring plate.

overall i'm very happy with the product and the install was top notch.  Brad did a fantastic job on the install.  thanks again High Tech!


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