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Author Topic: DIY Mechancis Giveaway - 2hr Shop Time (June 2010)  (Read 2137 times)
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Quote from: mud-digger
Here is my official write up. Im gonna break it into sections so i dont forget everything.

they are located right by dulles town center, i think you take notes drive off 28 to get there, but its only a turn or 2 off rt 28 and your there.

anytime i go into a business and find the owner behind the counter, i know i will be treated right. business owners seem to care alot more about your satisfaction than some random "manager". so dont be surprised when you come and see Ed behind the counter.

Ed is on the right. Notice how they are all smiles. all the employees were super friendly and went out of their way to help.

also you can see some of the products they have for sale behind the counter. basically if its at advanced auto, they probably have it and if they dont. you can call the local auto parts store and have it delivered there. this saves you all the time and hassle of going to find parts and supplies you may need. and their prices are not higher. I was short 1 gallon of anti-freeze when i went to refill my radiator. so I had to purchase 1 from them. im pretty sure it was slightly cheaper than what  i had paid for the ones i had bought.

also if you have a large item that needs to be shipped. it costs less to ship them to a commercial address than to your residence. just let them know its coming and they will hold it there for you.

when it comes to tools. they have it there. from spring compressors, welders, code readers, front end tools, bearing pullers and presses. its a complete auto shop with all the tools. the specialty tools require an additional rental charge, but we are talking just a couple bucks or so, depending on the tool. ( i used a grease gun, cost was a dollar an hour, im pretty sure i used more than a dollars worth of grease. )

and one of the best parts. if you dont know how do to something, you can rent a mechanic and he comes and helps you. someone on an earlier post had mentioned a 900 brake job. between the low costs of a lift, all the tools to do the job. including they can even turn brake rotors. plus a rental mechanic to help you. that 900 brake job would be half that. and you would learn how to do it. thats pretty kick butt.

Quote from: mud-digger
part 2....the lifts plus more

in the shop, they have several areas that you can rent/use. of course they have the lifts. they have lifts that will lift your vehicle up high enough, so that you can walk under. (made draining my radiator a snap. no having to try and slide out from underneath before hot anti-freeze hits me.)

they also have some suspension lifts, these lifts only raise up a couple feet. perfect for suspension or brake work. or any type of work where you dont need to go underneath the vehicle.

they also have an area that has no lifts, but you can use jack stands if you want. and no it wasnt being used by a yj, nor did they make me put my yj there.

they also have 1 really big lift for large/heavy vehicles.

if you dont finish your project or if its going to take awhile to finish it. they have on site storage. its outside in a fenced lot that is covered by video. if you plan on coming back first thing in the morning, they will let you leave it on the lift. but you would start paying for the rental when they open the next morning. but it would save you the hassle of moving it in and out. the storage rates were very reasonable.

heres mine on the lift. when you come in they demonstrate the lift for you, as well as show you where to place the lift under your vehicle. they have a book that shows the lift points for hundreds of vehicles.


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